In our community, Buffalo, NY we take recycling seriously. We have invested in reducing waste and supplying reusable materials.


Where does the product come from?
Construction sites around WNY

Why do we recycle?

Recycled concrete saves on both new materials and disposal costs, and it can be used for various applications. This also reduces the environmental impact of building projects.

Landfill waste reduction: Landfills are filling up, which means that alternative ways to manage waste must be developed. Recycled construction waste can be reused as it is, or turned into something new.

Recycling eliminates the need to send waste to landfill sites. Processing hazardous waste properly minimizes toxic build-up in the environment.


Popular uses for recycled product are:

  • Base for new asphalt pavement: There is a process called rubblization, which consists of breaking down old concrete pavement, and using it as a base for asphalt.
  • Outdoor surfaces: Permeable concrete is used in driveways, parking lots and walkways to reduce the runoff that must be handled by storm sewer systems. Permeable concrete also helps replenish groundwater levels. In some outdoor areas, crushed concrete can be used to create porous surfaces that work similar to permeable concrete. (Driveways, Shed/Garage Pads, Drainage projects)
  • Landscaping mulch: Recycled concrete that has been carefully crushed and sorted can be used instead of gravel.
  • Bed foundation material for utility trenches: These trenches are covered with gravel to assist drainage, and recycled concrete can be used as a substitute.
  • Concrete aggregate: Recycled concrete can be used as a replacement for new aggregates in a concrete mixture.
  • Erosion barriers and reef habitats: Large pieces of broken concrete can be placed along stream banks to control erosion.


Recycled stone material is useful for so many different types of home improvement projects. Our residential & commercial clients often purchase material from us for:

  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Drainage projects
  • Bases for sheds or garages

We also sell recycled brick. Feel free to contact us to let us know what you're looking for, and we'll tell you if we have it in stock.